Sunday, March 11, 2012

American Bible Society Daily Bible Reading and Daily Prayer for Sunday, 11 March 2012

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March 11, 2012

Psalm 6 (Good News Translation)

Come Together in Faith and Pray for One Another


Psalm 6: This psalm expresses a plea to God for help in time of trouble. Even though the writer views this trouble as punishment from God (verse 1), the writer trusts in God’s mercy.

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 6:8b, 9

The LORD hears my weeping; he listens to my cry for help and will answer my prayer.

Today’s Reading

1 LORD, don't be angry and rebuke me! Don't punish me in your anger! 2 I am worn out, OLORD; have pity on me! Give me strength; I am completely exhausted 3 and my whole being is deeply troubled. How long, O LORD, will you wait to help me? 4 Come and save me, LORDin your mercy rescue me from death. 5 In the world of the dead you are not remembered; no one can praise you there. 6 I am worn out with grief; every night my bed is damp from my weeping;my pillow is soaked with tears. 7 I can hardly see; my eyes are so swollen from the weeping caused by my enemies. 8 Keep away from me, you evil people! The LORD hears my weeping; 9he listens to my cry for help and will answer my prayer. 10 My enemies will know the bitter shame of defeat; in sudden confusion they will be driven away. 


How is the psalm writer’s distress described? Have you ever felt this way? If so, what did you ask of God? Did such a time in your life bring you closer to God? How does the psalm writer express trust in God?


Lord God, when I cry out, you hear my weeping. In your mercy, you hear my prayer and comfort me when I am weary and exhausted. When I am weak, I can turn to you and you will renew my strength. I praise you, Lord God, for your saving love. Amen.

Prayer Concern

Those suffering from exhaustion

Tomorrow's Reading

Psalm 7: A prayer for justice.
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