Monday, November 29, 2010

Philosophy Word Of The Day: Manichaeism

From Cloud of Witnesses:

9:11 PM (4 hours ago)Philosophy Word of the Day – Manichaeismfrom Cloud of Witnesses by fleance7

The earliest portrait of Saint Augustine in a ...

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“The widely influential gnostic religion of late antiquity, founded and spread by the Persian Mani (216-77), taught a radical dualism of good and evil that is metaphysically grounded in coeternal and independent cosmic powers of Light and Darkness. This world was regarded as a mixture of good and evil in which spirit represents Light and matter represents Darkness. Manichaean morality was severely ascetic. Before his conversion to Christianity, Augustine was an adherent of Manichaeism.”

— Philip L. Quinn, The Oxford Companion to Philosophy (Oxford, 1995), 519.

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